Fiberglass Storage Tanks for Petroleum

A Leading Developer of Fiberglass Storage Tanks

Xerxes Corporation was established in 1979. With its corporate office in Minneapolis, MN, and four manufacturing facilities in the U.S., the company is recognized as the leading provider of fiberglass tanks for the storage of a wide range of liquids.

Throughout the 1980's and into the 1990's, the focus was on growth in the petroleum market. Today, Xerxes has become the supplier of choice for tank owners and fueling system designers installing retail, commercial and government fuel storage facilities.

Over the past decade, Xerxes has also applied considerable resources to expanding its product lines beyond the petroleum industry to meet a wide variety of collection, storage and process needs within a broad range of water and wastewater markets. Based on the proven reliability of its' underground tank design, together with three decades of fabrication experience, Xerxes has developed innovative products that are rapidly earning the company recognition as the leading supplier of fiberglass water and wastewater vessels, ranging from municipal lift stations, to rainwater collection tanks and a host of applications in between.

Acquired in 2007 by ZCL Composites, Canada's leader in the design and manufacturer of fiberglass storage tank products, the two companies offer customers throughout North America an even broader range of products from its combined 11 manufacturing facilities.

With an unmatched reputation for product quality and customer service, and the growing recognition that fiberglass is the superior material of choice for underground storage vessels used in a wide variety of applications, Xerxes and ZCL Composites are committed to continued growth in their existing family of products and in the development of new products.

ZCL Composites is a publicly traded company that can be found on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the symbol ZCL.

About ZCL Composites Inc.

Established in 1987, ZCL COMPOSITES INC. has grown to become North America’s leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of cost-effective fiberglass tank systems to the petroleum industry. An unrelenting drive to manufacture superior fiberglass tanks that “simply will not corrode” has made ZCL the preferred choice in many industrial and retail sectors.

Combined with its subsidiary companies, XERXES CORPORATION and PARABEAM B.V., ZCL COMPOSITES INC. is an unparalleled industry leader with a mission “to deliver peace of mind through corrosion resistant solutions that preserve and protect the environment.”

ZCL Composites Inc. is a publicly traded company and can be found on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the symbol ZCL.

About Parabeam B.V.

Established in 1989, Parabeam B.V. invented and patented Parabeam® 3D Glass Fabrics for numerous applications in the corrosion, marine, transport and construction industries. ZCL COMPOSITES INC. acquired PARABEAM B.V. in 2002 in order to make this technology exclusive to its products. This fabric, when saturated with resin, is used to form the interstitial layer in ZCL’s double-wall tank manufacturing and tank lining processes.