Tank Upgrade System

ZCL Phoenix System

The Phoenix System is a unique fiberglass system that allows you to upgrade in-service steel or fiberglass single-wall tanks to a secondarily contained system.

The surrounding area and equipment are left undisturbed as the tank retrofit is completed without removing the tanks from the ground. A UL listed secondarily contained fiberglass tank system is applied right on your site by trained and certified installers.

The Phoenix System gives you more than twice the protection of any single-wall tank. Two new corrosion-resistant walls are applied using Parabeam, a special three-dimensional glass fabric, to create an interstitial space. The Phoenix System creates a new primary wall which contains the product.

Typical applications include:

  • Retail service stations and convenience stores
  • Fleet fueling locations
  • Bulk plants with underground tanks
  • Office and commercial buidlings
  • Chemical plants
ZCL Prezerver System