Potable Water Storage Tanks

Potable water, commonly referred to as drinking water, can safely be stored utilizing a Xerxes aboveground or underground potable water tank. Xerxes potable water tanks are designed and manufactured to NSF Standard 61. They are available as NSF-listed and labeled tanks, unlike many competitive products that only use materials listed by material suppliers.

Xerxes has gone the extra step by securing an NSF listing on the finished potable water storage tanks and the materials used to construct it. Additionally, NSF randomly inspects our facilities. When it comes to drinking water storage, don't settle for an unlisted product. Insist on a storage tank with an NSF label affixed to it. Xerxes listing verification can be found on NSF’s website where you will not find competitors who simply use listed materials.

Features of a Xerxes potable water storage tank include:

  • NSF-Listed - Available with an NSF label on the tank.
  • Dual-Use Capability - Can be used primarily for potable water storage while also serving as a standby supply for fire-protection.
  • Easy to Install - Where lightweight materials are very important in the many remote or difficult to access sites in which these tanks are often installed.

Recognizing that water continues to be a precious resources in many applications, several industry publications have published articles about the storage of water for future use.

Please consult a Xerxes representative for more details on potable water storage tanks.

Potable Water Storage Tanks