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Case Study

Grease interceptor in East Coast food-processing facility

Food companies, from processing plants to restaurants, need grease interceptors to meet the demands of growing business and changing regulations. Companies that are adding or replacing outdated grease interceptors need to know they’re installing reliable, cost-effective products.

We provided a 7,000-gallon/26,500-liter grease interceptor in a frozen seafood processing facility in Virginia through our distributor Tanks Direct. The grease interceptor has three compartments, separated by baffles and fitted with manways to allow each compartment to be accessed and cleaned out individually, meeting their exact requirements.

The fiberglass advantage

“Corrosion-resistant fiberglass is the best material for storing grease because of grease’s corrosive nature,” explains Rob Mourlas of Tanks Direct. Our tanks are protected against both internal corrosion caused by the tank contents, and external rusting due to corrosive soil around a buried tank.

Rob says historically, grease was stored in concrete boxes. But fiberglass has proved superior for grease applications, as concrete is vulnerable to tank failure, leaks and odor. Adding an internal coating to address these issues often proves unreliable and costly over time.

Why they chose a Xerxes by Shawcor tank

All the debris in a grease interceptor falls to the bottom of the tank and needs to be vacuumed out. This is where our tank’s cylindrical structure offers another benefit. With no corners where debris can be trapped or difficult to reach, our tanks are easier to clean.

Cost is also an advantage when you consider the price of the tank itself, plus the cost and ease of shipping and installation with a lighter-weight material.

“Fiberglass tanks are the most cost-effective for grease interceptors,” Rob says.

Confidence in the manufacturer

Tanks Direct has distributed our tanks for several years because they have confidence in both the company and the product.

“Xerxes is well-known for their quality,” says Rob. “They do everything just a little bit better in terms of both their manufacturing capacity and their responsiveness.”

Application highlights

  • – One 7,000-gallon/26,500-liter fiberglass grease interceptor
  • – Corrosion-resistant fiberglass tanks are reliable and cost-effective grease interceptors
  • – Cylindrical tank shape and 3 separate compartments for ease of access and cleaning