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Case Study

Grease interceptors at an upscale California mall

A restaurant typically needs a single grease interceptor. However, large projects like airports, hotels, metro stations and retail malls often require several. An upscale retail mall in Northern California needed 20.

Enviro Products West is a Xerxes by Shawcor distributor who has brought sustainable, environmentally conscious products to customers for more than 10 years. Their industry experience, combined with our 40 years of manufacturing underground fiberglass tanks, ensured a strong solution for protecting the environment. This was a massive project, and every factor mattered.

Fiberglass is corrosion-resistant

California has strict laws governing the containment and transport of inedible kitchen grease. The first point of distinction and a vital consideration was that fiberglass tanks are corrosion resistant, both inside and out, says Linda Deunay, Enviro Products West president. Maximum environmental protection is especially important in environmentally-sensitive coastal areas like California.

Design options and structural integrity are among key benefits

“The variety of sizes and design options, the integral ribbing for added strength, and the ease and safety of working with a lightweight tank are all clear benefits,” explains Linda.

Enviro Products West also points to the benefits of having good resources like access to our detailed installation instructions and videos found on our online resource library. Having that available to customers “gives us all a feeling of comfort,” explains Linda.

A competitive warranty backed by a company with a proven track record

Xerxes has a 30-year limited warranty for its grease interceptors. Linda stresses the importance of not only having a warranty, but working with a company that you know will stand behind it.

“Because of the company’s long history with tank installations, they know what needs to be done. It’s a superior tank and the company has an excellent reputation of standing behind their tanks.”

Enviro Products West has installed nearly 100 of our tanks – mostly grease interceptors – in close to 50 projects.

Installation details

  • – 20 fiberglass grease interceptors (capacities of 1500-3000 gallons/5,680-11,360 liters)
  • – Installed in a major retail mall on the West Coast
  • – Corrosion resistance was the first factor in decision
  • – 30-year warranty is also a key benefit
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