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Honolulu Parks Division engineers contacted International Wastewater Technologies to solve a wastewater challenge at one of their parks. Kualoa Regional Park is located on the 150-acre Kualoa Point peninsula on the windward side of the Hawaiian island, Oahu. The site has a unique set of design requirements, which are especially suited for our fiberglass tanks.

Wastewater treatment at the site requires watertight, corrosion-resistant tanks due to high rainfall and saltwater conditions. The nearby wetland habitat sitting nearby at the base of the Koʻolau Mountains also needs to be protected from wastewater seeping into the highly sensitive environment.

We provided the solution the engineers we looking for with International Wastewater Technologies’ Cyclic Biological Treatment (CBT) system and three of our 8′-diameter 15,000-gallon tanks. The end result was helping to create a safe environment for the park, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.