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Tanks Direct was contracted to furnish and deliver two underground fiberglass Xerxes fire protection water storage tanks for the new construction of Kettering Baptist Church in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Each storage tank played a separate but critical role in the church’s fire protection plan.

An underground Xerxes fire protection water tank was installed just outside the building. The 45,000 gallon tank fed a fire pump located in the basement of the church. This tank and fire pump combined provide a direct feed to the church building’s sprinkler system. The second storage tank provided was a Xerxes 60,000-gallon underground fire protection storage tank. Being the largest available Xerxes tank, this second tank was a massive vessel that took precise coordination and manpower to fabricate, deliver and install. The 60,000-gallon underground tank was installed for use as a dry-hydrant tank. Dry-hydrant tanks provide a direct feed (suction) for fire department pump trucks.