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Case Study

Potable Water Tank in Lakeside Residential Area

Concern about corrosion led homeowners at Lakeview Park Estates in Lakeside, Montana, to replace the existing steel tank that provided all their potable water. This residential development is less than a half mile from Flathead Lake, which is close to Glacier National Park and known for its clean, clear water.

First requirement: meeting the NSF standard

The Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) requires that potable water tanks meet NSF Standard 61, including verification that we performed leak testing before shipping the tank. We offer NSF-listed tank designs, and our manufacturing plants are NSF-certified, which means that NSF can audit us at any time to confirm our materials and processes. We also meet other stringent DEQ requirements, including having lockable, hinged and gasketed covers.

No coatings or linings are required with Xerxes by Shawcor corrosion-resistant, watertight tanks, which means no added costs and no ongoing maintenance are required to meet this state requirement and the federal standard. Our NSF-labeled water tanks come with a 30-year limited warranty.

Lightweight fiberglass easier to install in residential site

Another option for the homeowners was installing a concrete tank. However, that would have been disruptive for the more than 40 families that live full time in the development, involving a large excavation, and lots of construction activity and noise.

Our 10-foot-diameter, 30,000-gallon/113,500-liter potable fiberglass water tank was simpler to install.

We shipped the tank on a single, flatbed truck through the narrow, winding roads leading to the installation site. The installers needed only a small crane to unload and place the tank. The result was a quick installation and minimal inconvenience to the residents.

Application highlights

  • – Our 30,000-gallon/113,500-liter potable water tank is a wise, long-term investment
  • – NSF-61-labelled watertight tank with lockable, hinged and gasketed cover
  • – Our lightweight tank was easy to ship and install in a rural, wooded area