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Case Study

Rainwater collection tank in Washington DC redevelopment area

Arris Apartments is a waterfront apartment building with ground-level retail in the Washington, D.C. redevelopment area The Yards. The developer of the apartment building sought a system for rainwater to be collected, disinfected and then used as graywater.

The original specification called for 12-foot-diameter, cladded-steel pipe sections that would be connected and capped in the field. But large-diameter pipes were impossible to incorporate in the limited site space. Instead, we proposed two fiberglass tanks, each with a 20,000-gallon/75,700-liter capacity.

Why they chose a Xerxes by Shawcor tank

The specification was revised because we were able to provide smaller, 10-diameter tanks that allowed room to place piping connections at the bottom of the tanks. We also provided custom manufacturing and field modifications.

We offer a full complement of accessories for an easy, turnkey installation and The Yards took advantage of access openings, fiberglass ladders, flanged nozzles and a complete anchoring package.

The fiberglass advantage

Because fiberglass is corrosion-resistant, both inside and out, many regulators view it as the industry standard for safe, watertight containment of water.

Adding cladding to steel to protect against corrosion has disadvantages. Cladding can fail, causing leaks, and be costly to repair or replace.

Peace of mind

Customers in the water industry need reliable, corrosion-resistant, watertight storage solutions for their projects.

Installation details

  • – Two 20,000-gallon/75,700-liter fiberglass rainwater collection tanks
  • – Size and design flexibility made for easy installation in restrictive space
  • – Benefits of corrosion-resistant fiberglass tanks over cladded-steel pipes
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