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TRUCHEK® Hydrostatic Monitoring System

TRUCHEK® makes continuous monitoring easy and reliable

Many tank owners and system designers opt for continuous leak-detection monitoring with an underground fuel tank for the added peace of mind that it provides.  Our TRUCHEK® system provides continuous hydrostatic monitoring that can detect a leak in either the primary or secondary  wall of a double-wall tank in both dry-hole and wet-hole installations. Tanks with a dry interstice and a liquid-sensing probe, are not able to monitor the integrity of the secondary tank wall unless it’s fully submerged in ground water, which is uncommon.  Choosing TRUCHEK® also allows tank owners to stay ahead of changing UST regulations which increasingly require integrity testing of secondary containment. Visit our YouTube channel to view our new tank installation videos.

Your Complete Solution

We can provide a complete solution for your project’s storage tank needs with a wide range of sizes and accessories. We also have an extensive network of equipment distributors and knowledgeable fuel-system installers throughout North America.

  • 24/7 continuous tank monitoring regardless of installation conditions
  • UL-verified as meeting EPA and NFPA tank-tightness testing criteria
  • Dual purpose functionality – leak detection and periodic tightness testing
  • Designed for both dry-hole and wet-hole installations
  • Tank-tightness criteria reviewed by NWGLDE
  • Two options for tank-tightness test – 95%/5% and 99%/1%
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